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Hard evidence of U.B.F. and U.B.F. C.O.D. cult-like ways!

Now, before this becomes a long drawn out thing let me just get it all out. When I fled U.B.F, I found a disturbing email I received from a U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' that I never read (below). In fact, I found many disturbing things. The email is in response to a 'u.b.f. testimony' that I typed and emailed to my former U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher'. Not long after this the 'u.b.f. testimony' was untrue. I never read this message until after I fled U.B.F. and found it in my email inbox).

Dear ***,
Thank God for blessing you with the Holy Spirit so that you can repent and receive the mer
(mercy) nd Word of God in your heart. I have revised a little in order to convey the message God has given you.
In His grace and blessings,

The U.b.F. 'bible teacher' clearly thinks he is God, or like God here. Now I want you to venture down on what took place after I left University Bible Fellowship. It began with a 5 day bonanza of text messages that I received from this U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher'. These are them below and my defining of what was taking place from my view of this. These below are just some of the texts I received upon my fleeing U.B.F. and U.B.F. C.O.D. at that time. Note- The first text began around midnight from the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' (I still have them in my possession). This is not even everything that took place in U.B.F., however, this is what I am willing to share publicly for the time in order avert all the details.

At this point after many conversations that had become nearly scolding’s I endured about scripture translation and what his 'Bible Teacher' job was and how many other times he had betrayed my confidence and all the strange happenings, I wondered if I could even get the Truth out of the U.B.F. and U.B.F. C.O.D.  'Bible Teacher', for I needed to know what I was a part of. I left him a voice mail I was cancelling our next appointment as I planned to never see him again and the U.b.F. 'bible teacher' replied to my voice mail that I was cancelling his appointment he made the next day for us with this text message. Its a Scripture Verse of what Jesus said at the Final Super and he sent it at midnigh "Simon, simon, satan has sift you as wheat. But i have prayed for (you), simon, that your faith may not fail. And when u (you) ave turn back strengthen your brothers. Luke 22:." 'WHAT A CREEP', I thought!!! Then this text came the next day from the U.B.F. Bible Teacher.............................
"Jesus said, Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing"...............Yeah that text was really weird, because it came from nowhere and still did not communicate from anything I had sent. The University Bible Fellowship's 'Missionary' and 'Bible Teacher's' text message ramblings came at all hours of the day and night, day after day, even after I text'd him twice that I no longer wanted anything to do with U.B.F. Again with the U.B.F. 'Missionary's' texts having nothing to do with any kind of rational discussion prior and present from my texts, I decided to make him think, and this was the only time, because I was sick of the craziness and had been around the 'Missionary' enough that I thought we could come to a common understanding. Now in lightheartedness, but a little annoyed from being harassed by someone who was deceiving me and clearly hiding an agenda that I did not know the extent of until what proceeded, I sent him a text message calling him the almighty one since he was erratically quoting Christ. He then sent this text message.............. "May God guide u (you on the path of peace (and) esus love n (and) orgiveness be in your heart!".................I knew for the last two months there was something seriously strange about U.B.F. 'Leaders' and the misery of other members, so I was careful to distance myself and I was not at all surprised if it would come to an ugly departure for me from U.B.F. However, actually seeing what was being revealed to me, I realized this was no game at all and I needed to get real far away from this University Bible Fellowship 'Missionary' and have no further contact ever with University Bible Fellowship. Then later on he text messages me ................."May God be with you to be a new creation".................Now after my last response I began to be careful what I sent, because I did not want the University Bible Fellowship 'Missionary' and 'Bible Teacher' to really get me in the flesh and wanted to know as much as I could on what I had been involved with since my suspicions of U.B.F. had first arisen a few months ago. The following is an admission of everything I was beginning to see in the last couple of months in all U.B.F. leadership. So when I told the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' again I was attending another Church in the Text Message in the belief he would move on he then responded back and I quote from his text message,

..................."I believe God planted the gospel in you thru (through) me".................

Well, before I share this true story here, I am going to make clear I do not consider these UBF people my friends, for in fact I now consider them enemies, because of their blasphemy. Though they are not right now a threat as other groups that have made the news, they definitely damage the ones in their ranks. And that does not go to claim they could not become a violent group like others. Nevertheless, this is a true story about one of the group members at UBF that pretended to pal around with me. It was obvious, so I didn't allow myself to feel betrayed thankfully. But that's just it. I don't believe it is possible individuals can truly be friends in a cult-like group. It was clear to me that the man that I got to know a little in UBF was not in fact friendly at all but rather a little lonely and maybe trying to fill his own 'UBF Good Tidings Jar' by interacting with me. That’s how I figure it, for UBF works by rank and everyone has got to earn their place. Anyhow, I wanted to discuss this fella and his now wife’s arranged marriage.  It seems cruel in a way to make this public, but I believe just because someone may have arranged it, doesn't imply it cannot be something even more. Besides, the truth sets all free. Now let me reiterate this is nowhere near all that happened, but all I will publicly share for the details are many. Those who investigate U.b.F. point to the arrangements, or forced marriages set-up by U.B.F. leaders for their members. This is common practice and in fact is said to be the very significant to the UBF structure. Now, I had been there for a time and I discovered it actually is practiced. Over 10 years ago was when I first met a male who was entering U.B.F. C.O.D. for the first time. Upon my recent return to U.B.F he held the rank of shepherd and was married, but his wife actually had higher rank than him which was Missionary (AGAIN, EVERYONE ACTUALLY HAS RANK AT U.B.F., AND I NEVER REALIZED THIS THE FIRST TIME I ATTENDED U.B.F. BACK THEN UNTIL BEFORE I LEFT AFTER MY RETURN WHEN I WAS REFERRED TO AS A U.B.F. SHEEP). Sure Churches have a hierarchy, but to rank? REALLY? In a couple conversations, I asked him how is marriage came to be, though it was obvious that it had somehow came through U.B.F. when I learned right away she was a South Korean immigrant. She was in fact a member of U.B.F. South Korea (whatever its official title) which is their home base for their organization, even though University Bible Fellowship was evangelized by an American Woman. The story I got from him was he had a difficult time even finding a girlfriend earlier in his time at U.B.F. as he explained (It kind of struck me, because he seemed to me that he would not have a problem meeting a girl). What I understand happened after years of him being single as he explained to me, was arrangements were made for him to go pick a woman up from the airport who was coming in from U.B.F. South Korea. He explained he was late in picking her up, but that eventually they became a couple after this. He would mention to me every now and then how in South Korea it is very undesirable among the people to be unmarried after 30 years of age (Like it is not like that in the U.S.???). What I couldn't believe was what I witnessed almost every Friday night Testimony! He was made to stand in front of all of us and confess how he was like some failed husband! To me, it appeared quite clearly he spoke from a position as if he was accepting punishment during this time of U.B.F. 'Friday Night Testimony'. She was often hesitant to speak (GOOD FOR HER I FELT LATER). I couldn't believe what I was continuing to witness and to see my former U.B.F. to gossip to me about how undisciplined he was one night on a trip back from Chicago made clear it was all a sin body. Not a Church body.

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