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The Obsession

The bsession
Based on a true story I experienced while attending U.B.F.
The Back Story
I changed the title of this to th obsession ecause I want to plainly write out in the most simplest of form, what in fact U.B.F. is all about with the least mixed in humor so others can understand how serious this all is. You need to kno before I reveal this bizarre happening, I viewed my former UbF bible teachers interactions with me at the time not as a advances, but more as a bit of eccentric generousity. And I type advances, because I believe there to be some form of mental illness and behaviors that clearly need to be accepted and dealt with by the UBF leadership. Now, when I spell out advances I am not necessarily trying to make any sexual hinting (though you will see how it comes to the surface). One thing I want to make clear is I typed this from my own view and expierience of the events that transpired. I come with this from a somewhat anxious and awkward expression of literature, beacause the entire experience was not at all rational and it takes many events to explain. You can say that I was my own detective in the matter. I do not take any thrill from sharing my personal experience publicly other than its revealing how awesomely Just my God is to allow me to share with others. I want to explain, that since I no longer attend U.B.F. the Lord has blessed me greatly with only gifts He can give and has presented me with opportunity and Prosperity as only He can do. I say to everyone who is in U.b.F.! Take a chance by opening your true eyes, and ask yourselves who leads your life? You, someone else, or God? I never thought to ask such a question of myself and I was never brought up to do so. I originally attended U.B.F. over ten years ago for about 9 months, but only the last four months in that period of time did I seek to regularly attend. That experience that began back on the campus of College of Dupage shaped my life drastically afterwords I later came to realize. I will say it was a bizarre and troubling experience and I will touch on the details at some point in the future. Nevertheless, for years after this I became almost atheist, because of the impact U.B.F. had on me. Because of the circumstances I was met with in U.B.F.  the first time I was there, I later began to lean towards hating God, but I also had a fear of God that remained in me from my youth thankfully. At that time, U.B.F. C.O.D. attended Chicago U.B.F. services and Samuel Lee had not yet died. I know now my early experience at U.B.F. back then poisoned me to believe that God sought us only for our deeds  and that God was staring from Heaven and pointing His finger of judgement at us all our lives. I also believed that Evangelical Churches held impossible standards and that if you did not adhere to them as I experienced in U.b.F., you would go to hell. This was enough to lock me in a belief that kept me away from surrendering to God. Being told then if I left U.B.F. I would not be in good standing with God made me even more defiant. Well, years went by and my emptiness without God in my life grew more and more. Then one day several years ago I got ill and from there illness after illness struck me. It was terrible. I eventually started to consider this was it. I got to make a choice now. Take a chance with God, or live in misery with chronic illness that was slowly breaking my soul to pieces. I fell in the cursed belief that I had to go back to the past to solve my problems, for my doubt over everything to this point was suffocating me. So in this clouded time, I contacted U.B.F. C.O.D. for they had been contacting my family years after I orginally fled. Again, in a moment of weakness, I just thought I had to go back and relive this part of my past to figure out why my life went so awry. I also had put much of the things that took place in my time at U.B.F. before in the back of my mind. The best way to explain what I experienced at U.B.F. C.O.D. when I returned, was absolute sin-sanity. Some things had changed. U.B.F. C.O.D. no longer attended Chicago U.B.F. regularly and often had a rather tiny audience for their worship services at their 'bible house', much like all the rest of U.B.F. outside of Chicago I later uncovered. y return to U.B.F. showed me the truth of my past, but I also understand that if I had been more committed then to see past what was made by men in front of me and look to God, things might have been different, but I was much more impressionable then with everything else that was going on. Check out this article in a newspaper about U.B.F. to understand more http://www.mysuburbanlife.com/glenellyn/topstories/x1907512408/Group-leaves-Glen-Ellyn-home-after-14-years   

Thebsession  Based on events I experienced while attending U.B.F.   This is based on a true story. AGAIN, ALL WHAT I TYPE IS OF THE TRUTH! I WOULD TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST AND SWEAR AN OATH ON IT BEFORE MY GOD IF CONTESTED. It was so freaky and weird, that my own speculations and all that transpired cannot be shared for concern of my public admission being removed for legal reasons. That implying, there is definitely more than just what meets the eye here. Let me begin, after about a month of being in U.b.F. C.O.D. after my return, my U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' made a unique request, but at this point it did not seem so...how can I put it(???)...let me state abnormal. The setting for this is important before I begin. At the time I was residing with some family. I did not have transportation then and the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' decided he would meet me at the place I was currently staying for the weekly REQUIRED practice of U.B.F. 'Bible Study'. Again, I was attending U.b.F. for about a month when one afternoon at our decided 'Bible Study' time, the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' came by the residence where I was currently living and when he entered, he requested a place to lay down. I thought the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' might be sick and I pointed to him a couch he could go lay down on. However, a couple weeks later at another 'Bible Study' he requested again when he entered the residence if he could lay down somewhere and I told him he could go to the same couch. At this point, I thought to myself this is rather odd, especially after he requested that I wake him up as well. Then the next week, we met up at the same time and place as the times before but again he requested for a place to lay down. I referred to it at this point to myself as couch laying and I will best explain my reaction to these odd requests then from the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' with this video right h http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqjfHsq6vFw&feature=plcpIt was slightly immature, but that was my disposition before Then it began getting real strange. The U.B.F 'Bible Teacher' came by at the normal time of day he had in weeks past (late afternoon) for 'Bible Study' but this time he made his request to lay down somewhere after we had only been talking for maybe fifteen minutes. It was so awkward for me. He also slept in a strange position I began to realize. He would lay straight up on the couch cushions, with a pillow over his face. This time I told him to take a blanket, because again it was so awkward, however, he refused. I also must mention by this point in attending U.B.F. again, the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' was seeking to become uncomfortably close with me to the point of even asking my daily schedule during the week and to get him off my back I explained how I had been ill and dealt with that a lot, which was true at the time. Its worth mentioning before this couch laying, in the first month of my return to U.B.F., after a few weeks, the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' subtlety began to demand that I take a train and a bus to Glen Ellyn from where I was staying in order to hang out all day at the Glen Ellyn U.B.F. 'Bible House' and at College of Dupage though I was not a student. I of course said I would rather not, explaining the simple fact I was physically ill and thinking to myself maybe he was just desperate for attendance and finding a use for the Glen Ellyn Bible House that was often empty during the week. Nevertheless moving on, I am a grown man and I have boundaries. The next time I was alone with the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' driving after this I felt it had gone so far that I needed to make clear that I had impure relations with women in the past, just in case this may be moving towards something else. I am not typing I was certain on making a hinting like this, but rather I was pointing at his unethical demand for the inappropriate closeness he sought. At this point he respond he had thoughts of adultery. What bothered me was that I had missed all this before when I first attended UBF. I realized this some time later after typing this that its our sin eyes and all around sin ways that make us blind to the world that surrounds us. Just like this man who takes the title Bible teacher. Let me continue though, this was a man in UBF revealing a sinful nature who had no business teaching the Bible, all things considered. This made all the more confusing for me at that time for I learned later it was not just the sin he admitted, but it was that he tried to lure me to his belief with sin. Like he had always done in times past in other conversations we had. As if he was some supreme authority that could balance sin. Moving on, the next week there was no couch lying. This would not last though. Several times after this the U.b.F. 'Bible Teacher' requested to lay on the couch even after we had been speaking for some time once again. One Friday evening while we were headed out to U.B.F. C.O.D.'s 'Friday Night Testimony' meeting, the U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' shared with me out of nowhere how he worried about me. Then he started to explain that he worried at nights sometimes so much so, that he would be kept up by the thought of me and that it forced him to pray. I AM A GROWN MAN! REMEMBER, I FIRST CAME ACROSS U.B.F. C.O.D. TEN YEARS AGO AT C.O.D. AND I WAS SHOCKED BY ALL THIS COMING TO THE SURFACE (not including what else happened concurrently with this at University Bible Fellowship I will later explain)!!! Now...Let me compose myself for this right here, yes sir! I would say total, there were about eight (8) couch laying episodes. However, the final one, along with other incidents had me leave U.B.F. quite hurriedly that I will explain. The U.B.F. 'Bible Teacher' in my last days attending U.B.F. began to go into into detail OUT OF NOWHERE during a conversation at my residence then during a 'Bible Study' for at least 15 minutes, but what could have been for 2,123 years, on his struggle in the past w self-fornication. AGAIN, I AM A GROWN MAN! I could not believe it, but after all this stuff began I STARTED O FISH I stuck around for what became the realization of why I so long ago had ACCEPTED a false view of God. I never brought up this specific conversation and it was absolutely outrageous. WAS SO UNCOMFORTABLE, AT ONE POINT I THOUGHT HIS FOOT TOUCHED MINE WHEN HE WAS EXPLAINING THIS AND I ALMOST JUMPED OUT OF MY SEAT ONLY TO LOOK UNDER THE TABLE AND SEE IT WAS THE STAND FOR THE GLASS TABLE What more can I say here? Who tries to assert that kind of power over an individual? That only happens in cults. When I tell you right now, if you are in UBF and uncertain read more and read on. They are in a book on it!

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